What projects are included in the offer?

We specialize in technical projects (employing scaffolding and insulation fitters) and food production projects. Additionally, we cooperate with an industrial laundry in the Netherlands, where we also recruit workers (in this case, there is a possibility of employment on a Dutch contract by a Dutch company).


Is the salary paid monthly or weekly?

For technical project workers (scaffolding and insulation fitters), advances are paid weekly.

For production-related projects (where we offer a Polish contract), the salary is paid by the 10th of each month. There is a possibility of paying one free advance payment before the 10th.


What type of contract am I signing?

Depending on the project, a Dutch contract or a Polish delegation agreement is signed.


Is this a permanent or seasonal job?

We are looking for employees who will stay with us for a longer period. The contract is signed for a period of 1 year, with the possibility of extension if the cooperation is satisfactory for both parties.


Is experience required?

We do not require experience for offers in the production sector. With us, you will gain the necessary skills to safely and professionally perform your job.

In the technical sector, we require a minimum of 2 years of experience and a VCA/SCC certificate.


How long is the notice period?

The notice period lasts 1 day. We hope that you will want to stay with us longer, but if for some reason resignation is necessary, you can terminate cooperation with a one-day notice period.


Is a foreign language required?

Depending on the project. We have projects where knowledge of a foreign language is not required, but some companies require communicative knowledge of English.


Who covers the costs of travel from Poland to abroad?

The costs of commuting to work are covered by the employee. If you have difficulty finding a bus to work, ask us for help! We will do our best to facilitate your arrival at the accommodation.


Do we guarantee accommodation?

We provide accommodation. For technical department employees, we offer single rooms. For employees opting to work in production, we offer rooms for a maximum of two people. We have different types of accommodation, but regardless of the type of place/house, we ensure that the conditions are satisfactory and tidy.


Does the employee have to arrange transportation to work?

Yes, transportation to work is the responsibility of the employee. However, we try to group people in a way that at least one person has a car to facilitate your arrival at work. In some cases, it is possible to rent a car.


How far is the workplace from the accommodation?

In most cases, the accommodation is located 15-35 km from the workplace. However, in some cases, the distance may be closer or farther. You will be informed about the distance from the workplace by our office.


Do we guarantee a minimum number of working hours?

The contract does not include a provision for a minimum number of working hours, but we try to provide you with as many hours as possible to ensure optimal working hours and earnings.


Is overtime possible?

On our projects, it is possible to work overtime.